Why Twitter?

Why Twitter?

By Sarah Wilson, @MySmartPuppy

I had another blog planned but then Ferguson happened. And, when Ferguson happened, #Ferguson happened. And when #Ferguson happened, the power of Twitter was obvious to all.

Here are a few of the great things about Twitter:

Twitter is Un-filtered

Unlike Facebook and Google+, Twitter is an open platform. No one is limiting who sees your content. On Facebook, a few hundred of my biz page followers may see a post. I have to pay to get to the rest of my own followers.

Not on Twitter.

Everyone who follows you gets every one of your posts. And, if you hashtag things well, anyone interested in a topic can search Twitter in seconds. Throughout Ferguson, I searched #Ferguson to get a range of often real-time opinions, pix, videos, and the blogs I could not find any other way. And that brings me to my next point…

Image #Ferguson Twitter feedTwitter is Everyone
The geeks may hangout on Google+, the corporate folks on LinkedIn, and the Boomers on Facebook, but all ages, interests, and political leanings have Twitter accounts. In traditional news outlets, the info is filtered both for volume and perspective. Not on Twitter. You can drink from the fire hose anytime you want on any subject instantly.

Twitter is a (the?) Media Resource

Traditional news/media searches Twitter, cites Twitter and reads Twitter on air. They respect Twitter. On a personal level, I’ve gotten to work with several large media outlets this year because of my presence on Twitter. When someone is looking for influencers in your field, they will look on Twitter. Your feed and following either reflects your standing in your industry accurately or it doesn’t. Being on Twitter is not an option if you want to be seen as an expert in your niche.

As long as Twitter is around, information cannot be squelched. Perspectives cannot be silenced. I’ve loved this platform for years, but I salute it this month. It means more to me than it ever has. I suspect that is true for many. Going forward, you must be on it and you must be on it well.

I look forward to sharing how to handle your Twitter account tactically so you can grow your influence, reach your goals and still have some time for the rest of your life.

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