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Why I Use Social Media For Insurance

I have been dragged into the social media world slowly and sometimes grudgingly.  TheBlogaroo Blog Consulting  is tough and I work hard for my agency and for my clients.

I didn’t get why I would want to take more time out of my busy day to post, comment, blog, hyperlink, tweet, and all those other fancy things social media geeks do.

Like many people I started a personal Facebook page, opened a Twitter account and put my name on Linked In.  That seemed good enough to me.  I couldn’t figure out why this wasn’t helping my business.  Duh!

Over the past couple months I have forced myself to become more active on Twitter by providing value added tweets, starting a Facebook business page, interacting with others more consistently through various social media outlets, and I started a blog.  Big shout out goes to Karen Hanrahan of Blogaroo Blog Consulting for guiding me.

It’s only been a couple of months since I fully hopped on board and while I have much to learn,  I can’t tell you how exciting and engaging this experience has been.

I have thought, learned, interacted, laughed, and been moved everyday.  Social media is just another tool to build relationships, but without the boundaries of time or geography.

My business is 100% about building relationships.  What an opportunity.  I can’t wait to see what the next many years will bring.

How has social media impacted your business?  What has worked? What have you struggled with?

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