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Why Have a Facebook Landing Page

When someone visits a  tutorial on YouTube page for the first time as it it used for business purposes, the ideal scenario would be for them to “Like” the page, thereby subscribing to the news feed from that page. When a landing page is not specified, a visitor will simply see your Facebook “Wall”, which may not be very engaging or inviting because it is merely a stream of posts over which you have only partial control.

Facebook lets users control what visitors see when they visit a page. And while the mechanics have changed over time (w3schools.com, with tabs along the top to Twitter and links or tabs along the left hand side), the functionality is still the same. What’s even better is that you can customize it so that fans get one view and non-fans will get another, allowing you to completely target your message based on the visitor’s status.

I discovered a nice little12 of the BEST Facebook landing pages according to DesignM.ag explaining exactly how to create your very own landing page. If you are not familiar with HTML, you can easily learn a few vital key components at w3schools.com. Don’t be intimidated by this! If you can navigate your way around Facebook, you will likely be able to figure out how to use a few tags in HTML in order to insert an image, text or other on your landing page. And if you can’t, ask around. I’ll bet you know someone who can!

For non-fans, a Facebook landing page is a great place to place photos, a video introduction of yourself or your business, and most importantly, a call to action for them to “Like” your page.

A landing page for fans might include offers on products, and opt-in box, links to your website and/or Twitter, or any other number of items relative to your business.

While these are from the days of FBML and the tabs along the top no longer still exist, they are still great examples of good landing pages and can give you some ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

12 of the BEST Facebook landing pages according to DesignM.ag

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