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What I Use Social Media For

What I use Social Media ForWhat Do I Use Social Media For?

I am a junior public relations major at Illinois State University. I have found through several previous internships that many companies find it hard to notice what people in my age group actually use social media for. It’s not just about posting pictures on Facebook and keeping in touch with friends. For me (and many others) it is much more.


I just attended a presentation today where the speaker announced that 89 percent of people get their jobs through personal connections. Personal connections only spread so far. Networks such as LinkedIn instantly give you more access to professionals in your field of interest. This expands professional connections and gives you more opportunity to find your dream job. Here’s another statistic for you… 80 percent of companies are using LinkedIn as their primary tool to find employees. Speaking of LinkedIn, start networking with me! Jessica’s LinkedIn


I would have never known about this conference if I wasn’t an avid “tweeter.” Some of the founders had posted the idea online, there was back-and-forth discussion and here I am today- a Board Member! I take pride in my social media connections not only for the general discussion, but because I literally learn something new every day. I converse with people that are in my future career path and because of that I am helping my future career by expanding my knowledge of the profession. I can’t stress enough how important connections and networking are for various reasons.


I am currently involved with two different companies in which I use social media in order to interact and relate to customers. Two-way communication with consumers is extremely important in order to connect with people in the social media world. Don’t just push information out there. People will get bored; people won’t listen to what you have to say. Social media is also a vital marketing tool. I use it every day in order to promote products and to talk to customers.

Social media is on the rise. Every day thousands of people create a Facebook account. People are making connections that lead them to jobs, life-long careers and friends. Social media is important to me because it is preparing me for the future.

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