The Three Things you can Learn from a Cupcake

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The Three Things you can Learn from a Cupcake

By: Pete Moore

For one year, I spent time helping a local bakery build an audience for their products and a consistent brand for their small business. One of the best parts about hanging around a bakery is that you end up smelling like baked goods when you leave.  And that smell—all sweet and savory—is the promise of something incredible.  It’s one of three components that can turn a potential customer into a returning one:

1. The way it looks will get you in the door.

Tall, whipped frosting on a golden-crowned cake, lined up in row after decadent row, may be enough to get your nose off the glass and your feet to the register. Does the way you display your goods and services (through marketing, communication, and merchandising) make a promise?  If so, is that promise compelling enough for customers to peek their heads in the proverbial door?

2. The way it smells will convince you to buy.

Did you know that the way something smells is really just small molecules of that thing entering your nose? It’s like a free taste test!  What are you doing to incentivize potential customers on-site (or on your website) to “taste and see”? How can you be generous enough to those who walk in your door that they become willing to test your promise?

3. The way it tastes will make you come back.

Unfortunately, you may discover that the promise of delicious cupcakes doesn’t translate into a finger-licking-good experience. There are two ways to help alleviate this disconnect: lower others’ expectations or improve the quality of your product/service. (I’ll let you guess which one I’d advocate for.)  You must have a product or service good enough to meet the promise of a great experience.  When that happens, people talk (positively) and people return.

During my session at this year’s @Midwest Conference—Icing On the Cake: Building Your Business Socially—I’ll be discussing ways to improve the look, smell, and taste of your small business or organization through compelling content and community-building. I hope you’ll peek your head in and join the discussion—smells are free!

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