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Meet Thomas Ian Nicholas

Thomas Ian Nicholas at MidwestYou might be wondering, what is the dude from American Pie gonna be doing @Midwest?

Besides the traditional marketing and media, when “American Reunion” was released last summer, Universal studios also ran a successful social media campaign. With over 4 million “likes” on their Facebook page, they had all of the cast creating exclusive content for Facebook. We also had to get approval from the producers before we could send out tweets and Instagram pics from the set. I had already been involved on social networks for years, but I learned a lot during this campaign that I want to share with you.

For those of you planning to attend @Midwest on the morning of Friday, June 7, I’m going to be talking about how we all relate through social media.

To put in layman’s terms, the relationship that we all have to human communication. Technology is simply an extension of how we connect as people.

And isn’t that something we’re always looking for? Don’t we all want to find a meaningful way to connect with other people?

Whether or not you’re actively involved on a social network, people are posting about you on Twitter and Facebook. If you’re running a business, then they’re talking about their experience with your company.

  • Don’t you want to know what people are saying about you?
  • What if you could communicate with them?
  • Do you want to find out what they think about your business?
  • What if you could design something specifically tailored to your customers and guarantee the sale before you even tried to sell your product?

Social media is not a soap box, it’s more like a pair of headphones.

The most important key on your keyboard is your “?”

Are you ready to listen?

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