Just because a social network exists doesn’t mean you need to use it

Social media, when used correctly, can be a valuable resource to a business of any size and shape. Social media helps you reach a very targeted audience each and every time. The obvious platforms like Facebook and Twitter have a very large overall database of people and with the right tools and strategy can prove to be very effective.

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What is data mining anyway?

Data mining is really nothing new. The thing that makes this hot topic exciting now-a-days are computers. Never before could we process such large data sets to look for those patterns and relationships. Also, never before has so much data been collected.

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Registration is now open for @Midwest!

Are you taking full advantage of social media to drive your business goals? Discover how popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others can aid you in engaging your consumers?

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Keynote speaker announcement Joe Benarroch, Corporate Communications, International, Facebook

This year’s keynote speaker will be Joe Benarroch, Corporate Communications, International, Facebook. […]

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Share Your Story contest results

See how these three used the power of social media to create major impacts for their clients/constituents.

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9 Reasons Google Plus Is More Powerful Than Facebook

Check out these 9 reasons why Google+ features are more powerful than Facebook

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17 ways to grow your audience

Growing your audience will take some time, but we’ve put together a number of tips that can accelerate your audience growth.

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Social Media Brand Monitoring: Turning Your Customers into Advocates

Last week, while presenting to a class of MBA students at Illinois State University, the question of monitoring your brand in social media came up. A student was struggling with how to get his administration to understand the importance of online monitoring. I simply answered, "But those reasons don’t stop the conversations already going about your brand. "

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Could Graph Search evolve social media?

I signed up for the Facebook Graph Search waiting list when a notification about it popped up on my homepage. I expected to wait for a month before anything would become of it. Only a week later, I received another notification that I had been removed from the waiting list. Facebook invited me to try out the new Graph Search.

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Facebook Pages Terms Change, Again

On Dec. 15th, Facebook Pages had it's terms change, again. While most are relatively minor, there are two changes that has ramifications on most users.

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