Strategic Planning 101: The Same Page

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Strategic Planning 101: The Same Page

Wanna do something scary? Ask each employee the following questions, BUT … don’t let them compare answers. You want each person to answer independently because you want to see where their answers converge and diverge with yours and with each other.

  • What is it we’re trying to make happen? Is it what we should be trying to make happen?
  • What’s a happy ending? When we throw a HUGE blowout party to celebrate, what just happened?
  • Why aren’t we there now? What’s holding us back? What’s the limiting factor?
  • Back to number one – break it down? What are our goals, then, to get to the party?
  • Now, prioritize them. Which one do we need to tackle first? Second? Third?
  • If money was no object, how would we solve the first problem?
  • Okay, so money is an object, so what’s just the first step to solving the first problem.

Do you know what your employees believe? Does it bother you that you don’t know?

Now, you want to take it a step further? Ask your customers.


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