Strategic Planning 101: Reverse Engineering

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Strategic Planning 101: Reverse Engineering

Yesterday, I tried to simplify the basic elements of growing a company or making any fundamental change in your life.

Let’s build on it, okay?

You’ve got your Big X, your treasure, the thing you’re trying to make happen, okay?

Let’s say you want to do $1,000,000 in billing – that’s your Big X.

(If, at this time, you want to call me shallow for choosing a financial goal instead of something more altruistic like helping colorblind manatees, then you don’t know me at all.)

Let’s say you want to do $1,000,000 in colorblind manatee-loving billing.

Work backwards from there by asking questions like:

  • How many customers/clients do I need to do a million?
  • How much do I need to do each month?
  • Can I feasibly do these things?
  • If not, what needs to change? And by how much?

Get specific. See it clearly in your head. Write the answers down. Goals without plans are dreams.

This is one of the few times you’ll hear me advocate the use of spreadsheet software.

Deconstruct what your Big X looks and feels like operationally. Can you swing the hammer? If not yet, what has to change to help get you there?

Along the way, you also have to consciously decide what must not change.

As you grow toward your goals, what are your uncompromising principles?

If you’re having trouble seeing this vision of your company or yourself once you’ve reached your goal … if you have trouble making it real … then maybe you’ve chosen the wrong Big X.


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