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Stop Marketing Online Like a Child

Imagine you are having an important conversation with someone, when suddenly a small child starts shouting, “Daddy……..Daddy……….Daddy……..Daddy.”

If you are a parent, you know exactly what I’m talking about out. If not, take my word for it or go babysit soon.

Due to their persistence and volume, eventually you stop your conversation and say, “What?”

In the child’s mind, they had something very important to tell you.

In your mind, you are annoyed, frustrated, and are not overly receptive to the message.

This is because you have experienced in a nutshell what interruption marketing is all about.

Regardless of the innocence in your marketing message, if you are interrupting instead of engaging, you are annoying your prospects.

Persistence is a great trait, but if it’s accompanied by no perceived value, it can quickly digress from strength to a weakness in your marketing and sales effort.

Just like a small child, interruption marketing can have some initial success. If you chase down enough people and shout your message enough times, you can draw attention.

What kind of attention are you looking to draw?

Interruption marketing in social media

When most people think of interruption marketing, they think of radio ads, TV ads, and cold calling.

Interruption marketing also takes place in social media.  I see it every single day.

Social media should be a place of engagement, value, and two-way conversations. Instead, many businesses use this newer platform to take their old interruption methods.

Here’s the major problem with that method.

Most consumers go to social media to avoid the old tactics of interruption marketing. They go to social media for fun, to connect, and to be able to choose the content they consume.

Don’t believe me?

Go to Facebook and view the comments for a poorly constructed sponsored or promoted post. Many of the comments are not just negative, but down right nasty.


Today’s consumers online do not want to be shouted at.

I am not against sponsored or promoted messages if done with the right intent, but if you think you can simply shout or spam your way through the noise, you may be very disappointed.

Three better options than shouting on social media


The great thing about social media is that you have the opportunity to sit back and listen to what prospects and other consumers are talking about. You don’t have to survey every prospect and customer with direct mail and email. You simply need to be attentive and keep your eyes and ears open.

Use the power of the hashtags, related groups, and trending topics to see what people are talking about. Is there a common frustration or issue that you can help with?

How do you know how to best tailor your message through social media without listening?

Provide free useful information

Take the information you have gained through listening to put together information that will actually help people. Provide solutions, ideas, or alternatives that your target market will appreciate.

What are people looking for? What knowledge do you have to help them?

Be creative and some up with blog posts, value messages, videos, or anything that makes you a resource………not an interruption.

Make someone laugh

Humor is one of the most under utilized skills used today. We take ourselves way too seriously sometimes.

If you are in business, you need to be professional, but more importantly, you need to be friendly.

No one cares how professional you are or how wonderful of a product or service you have if they don’t like you.

Humor is one of the best tools we have to build new connections.

Use social media to make someone smile. Everyone loves to laugh.

It’s hard to feel interrupted when you are smiling or laughing. Harness the power of humor

The Bottom Line

Social media can be utilized effectively if you listen, provide value, and are creative.

If you are using social media simply as another platform to shout your marketing and sales message louder than your competitors, you will be making the wrong impression.

Stop interrupting and start engaging.

How do you engage with your prospects and customers on social media without shouting?  Comment below.

My name is Brent Kelly.  I am an insurance agent with Clemens Insurance and founder of Empowering Sales.  My mission is to engage, enlighten, and empower.  Join me at the @Midwest Conference where I will be presenting “Leveraging Digital Marketing to Build Your Personal Brand.”

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