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@Midwest brings you highly qualified experts in the social networking industry to speak about all forms of Internet/mobile technology, strategy, and marketing for the small- and mid-sized businesses. Presentations are focused on topics concerning better social networking management, developing/maintaining a strategy, introducing new business models, improving profitability, and employing effective social media.

Keynote Speakers

Chris Moloney – Digital Marketing Strategy

Chris Moloney is the CEO of GREMLN, a leading social media and digital marketing company focused on helping businesses and individuals maximize their social media programs. As a former Chief Marketing Officer for three major brands (Wells Fargo Advisors, Experian and Scottrade), Chris is a big believer in the power of marketing to drive business growth.  His expertise is in driving companies to be highly successful in their digital and social media presence with measurable results.

Wells Fargo Advisors became the #1 ranked investment firm in the U.S. for social media followers during Chris’ tenure.  His team was recognized in 2014 for digital innovation with a 2014 Gramercy Institute Award for “Best Financial Services Marketing Strategy” in the U.S. He is a member of the national CMO Club and serves as President of the local chapter.

Rob Kass – Digital Solutions

Rob Kass serves as vice president, digital audio at Nielsen out of New York. In this role, Rob is responsible for the strategic vision and product execution of Nielsen’s Digital Audio Measurement service. A Nielsen veteran with strong radio roots, Rob plays a lead role in setting the strategy and direction for Digital Audio clients. Previously, Rob was director, commercial strategy for Nielsen’s Media Analytics business.

Dr. Joseph P. Mazer – Social Media Analytics

Dr. Joseph P. Mazer is an Associate Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Communication Studies at Clemson University. He is also the Director of the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities’ Social Media Listening Center. Dr. Mazer is listed among the top 1% of prolific scholars in the discipline of Communication Studies spanning 2007-2011, according to a study published in the October 2012 issue of Communication Education. Dr. Mazer will open Friday sessions with his keynote titled, “Social Media Analytics: How to Drive Chatter and Listen in on Social Conversations.”

Thursday Sessions

  • Kim Behrens Kaufman
  • Matt Christensen
  • Nathan Carpenter
  • Mitch Canter
  • Shara Kamal, Esq.
  • Joanna Zarach

Friday Sessions

  • Brian Basilico
  • Katie Eades
  • Bernia Wheaton
  • Sue Koch
  • Betsy Armstrong
  • Steve Raquel
  • Elizabeth Kerns (along with a Gen Z panel)
  • Rebecca Wardlow
  • Fetesha Downs