2016 Presentations

2016 Presentations 2017-01-03T23:18:03+00:00

Thank you for attending the 2014 @Midwest conference and providing your feedback. The @Midwest board of directors values your feedback and uses it to plan for next year’s conference. Stay connected with us through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to see what exciting changes we are implementing for next year’s conference.


  • Chris Moloney – Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Rob Kass – Digital Solutions
  • Dr. Joseph P. Mazer – Social Media Analytics

Thursday Sessions

  • Crafting Meaningful Communication – Kim Behrens Kaufman
  • Tracking Location with WiFi – Matt Christensen
  • Social Media Analytics & Assessment on a Shoestring Budget – Nathan Carpenter
  • Level Up Your Marketing: Utilizing Gamification to Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns – Mitch Canter
  • Founder’s Code: Protect Your Assets – Shara Kamal, Esq.
  • Live Streaming with Periscope – Joanna Zarach

Friday Sessions

  • The Marketing Trifecta – Brian Basilico
  • Personal Branding on Social Media – Katie Eades
  • Creative Writing for Social Media – Bernia Wheaton
  • How Do I Create a Fun, Integrated Video Strategy for my Business? – Sue Koch
  • 60 Ways to Grow Your List – Betsy Armstrong
  • Viralness: How to Contaminate Your Content Through Social Media – Steve Raquel
  • How to Adapt to a Perpetually Evolving Gen Z – Elizabeth Kerns (along with a Gen Z panel)
  • Build a Monthly Promotional Calendar and Measure Your Success – Rebecca Wardlow
  • Prepping for and Participating in Live Social Media Chat – Fetesha Downs