2014 Presentations

2014 Presentations 2017-01-03T23:18:03+00:00

Thank you for attending the 2014 @Midwest conference and providing your feedback. The @Midwest board of directors values your feedback and uses it to plan for next year’s conference. Stay connected with us through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to see what exciting changes we are implementing for next year’s conference.

Below is a list of presentations that are available for downloading.



  • Why You Must Build Your Personal Brand, and How Digital Tools Can Help — Brent Kelly. Not Available.
  • Communication…Innovation…Collaboration…The Intersection of Social Media and Emergency Response — Eric Hodges & Katy Killian. Available as a PDF download.
  • Digital Bang for your Buck: The fundamentals of digital marketing — Will Koch & Katie Eades. Available as a PDF download.
  • Using Social Media for Inbound Marketing – Steve Haase. Available as a PDF download.
  • Content Creation — Kaleigh Moore. Available as a PDF download.
  • All Things Disc Golf: Building a Social Business from a Passion — Zach Parcell. Available as a PDF download.
  • All the pretty colors and pictures: An evolution in social branding and imaging — Will Koch & Katie Eades. Available as a PDF Download.
  • Crowdfunding Tips and Best Practices — Brian Gawor. Available as a PDF download.
  • Campaigns That Drive Action – Newsletters & Announcements – Featuring Email & Social Engagements — Steve Robinson. Link to slides.
  • Panoramic PR: The Top Secret Social Media Super Power Ingredient that Your Competition Doesn’t Know About — Barbara Rozgonyi. Not Available.
  • The Changing Face of Social Media Law — Dillon White. Not Available.
  • Icing on the Cake: Building your Business Socially — Pete Moore. Not Available.
  • Social Data Mining — Matt Christensen. Not Available.
  • Everything Pop Culture Taught Me about Social Media: A Millennial’s Perspective on Transmedia Storytelling — Fetesha Downs. Available as a PDF download.