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@Midwest sessions were designed for the small to mid-sized business professions looking at getting a presence in social media and for those looking to refine their practices. Sessions focused on topics concerning better social networking management, developing/maintaining a strategy, introducing new business models, improving profitability and employing effective social media.


  • Barbara Rozgonyi. 3D Social Media: WIRED to Advance to the Next Level
    How do super heroes get to the next level in social media? In this presentation, you’ll learn how to apply an integrated communications system that fuses search, social, content, marketing and PR into an approach you can use to chart plans, measure impact, map progress and demonstrate the value of social media to your organization, communities and your region.
  • Joe Strupek. Buzz is For Bees – The Reality of Cloud Conversations as it Relates to You, Your Business, or Your Company
  • Mana Ionescu. Crowdsourcing the Brand – How to Get Social Media Buzz Through User-Generated Content
    A wise man said that social media is not a fad, it is a revolution. It fully deserves the revolution label because it didn’t just change how businesses and their customers interact but it changed the business-consumer dynamic altogether. Customers, potential customers, fans and friends of brands are not just buyers anymore, they have become active contributors to how brands are perceived, how they change and grow.While the idea of putting your brand in the hands of a bunch of unpaid strangers who blog and tweet a lot can be scary, when done well it can become one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox. This session will look at examples of successful people-driven social media campaigns, such as social media ambassador programs and crowdsourcing contests. We will discuss powerful, yet simple techniques to get more value from your marketing by inviting your customers, fans and supporters to participate in growing your business presence online.

Start me up

@midWest realizes that not everyone is an expert in social media, and that you might not even know where to begin. With that in mind, we have developed a series of sessions focusing on helping you decide which media is best for your business, and how to get started in building your fan base. By the end of they day, you will be “talking the talk” and will be all set to “walk the walk!”

  • Jill Salzman — Cultivating Your Fan base: How To Keep ‘Em After You Find ‘Em
    Do you have a great product or service? Sure you do. And in today’s online world, it’s pretty easy to find fans. But once they buy, how do you get them to come back for more? In this dynamic, interactive presentation, Jill will change your perspective on cultivating your fan base and how you how to keep your customers and clients returning to you…again and again. Hear how Jill did this successfully not once, but three times over and how you can, too!
  • Michael Gizzi — How Social Media Is Changing The Way We Access Local News Media – 140 Characters At A Time
    This roundtable discussion will focus on how social media is transforming the way in which people receive and interact with local news media. The panel discussion will bring together representatives of print, television, and radio media, with two “consumers” of the news to discuss how social media and information technology is changing the way that news is presented, and ways in which businesses can best leverage the new environment. The media will be represented by WMBD Channel 31 meteorologist Marcus Bailey; Ryan Denham, city government reporter for The Pantagraph. Consumers of the news will be represented by local attorney Gene Brucker and Illinois State University professor Michael Gizzi, who will also serve as the panel’s moderator and facilitator. Brief presentations will be followed with plenty of time for audience interaction and discussion.
  • Josh Shull — Facing Facebook
    Half-theory and half-practice, this jam-packed hour will introduce business owners to Facebook, explain what their Facebook presence should do, and then show them how to execute it. In addition to discussing what to post and how often to post it, we’ll go step-by-step and click-by-click through the Facebook interface so you can comfortably and confidently operate your own Page. And at the end of this practical, in-the-trenches session, you’ll walk away with printed tutorials and templates to help keep you accountable.
  • Barb Maldonado — Linked-In
    In 2011, LinkedIn celebrated a subscriber milestone that serves as a testament to its growing use and prevalence in the business community – 100 Million subscribers.  Whether using LinkedIn to network for a new job or build awareness for your expertise, it is a powerful social network that generates meaningful business leads and prospects.  In this session you will have the opportunity to learn how to maximize LinkedIn for your professional brand as well as utilizing its Company Profile Pages to tell your business’s story to a far-reaching audience.

    • Social Media for Personal Branding – It’s Important when you are the Owner
    • Tips on utilizing LinkedIn for networking for new customers, partners and peers
    • From Profile to Company Page – things you need to know
    • Tips, Best Practices, Top 10 List of Success
  • Karen Hanrahan — Blogging: Be The Expert Only You Can Be
    Karen Hanrahan founder of Blogaroo Blog Consulting is celebrating her fifth year as a blog author. Her popular and resourceful Blog: Best of Mother Earth examples a consistent voice as an expert in her profession. Karen applies her personable knowledge style and love of sharing into a blog format. What business are you in?  What makes you unique in the marketplace?  How are you your own brand?  How can a blog become your authoritative voice?  This session helps you understand the role a blog plays in establishing your internet voice. Blogging improves your visibility, adds personal credibility, and continues to reinforce your personal brand.
  • Josh Shull — Tackling Twitter
    Half-theory and half-practice, this jam-packed hour will introduce business owners to Twitter, decipher the Twitter jargon, explain how it differs from Facebook in both content and purpose, and then show them how to execute a Twitter presence. In addition to discussing how to get your point across in 140 characters or less, we’ll go step-by-step and click-by-click through the Twitter interface so you can comfortably and confidently operate your own Profile. And at the end of this practical, in-the-trenches session, you’ll walk away with printed tutorials and templates to help keep you accountable.

I know enough to be dangerous

Social media is more than just Facebook and Twitter, it’s a host of networks and tools that allows you to present your brand message to a wide audience on their own time. No longer is your business trap by traditional media outlets. Sales, promotions and your brand message can be sent to your network on a moments notice for them to share amongst their own networks, expanding your reach tenfold.

  • Barbara Maldonado — Mobile Marketing
    Whether a B2B orB2C company, mobile can effectively support your business objectives and growth via a device so important to your consumers, that oftentimes most return home if they forget.  With recent studies showing the vast growth of smart phone adoption in the U.S. and findings that more than 50% of U.S. consumers use their mobile phones within their shopping experiences, mobile has arrived for large and small businesses.  This session will address the main ways that a small business can maximize mobile integration into their marketing mix. Mobile Marketing

    • Foundation of mobile marketing
    • Alphabet soup of mobile marketing
      • SMS, MMS, WAP, QR, 2-D, LBS, Apps – what does these all mean?
    • How can small business owners use mobile marketing to build awareness and sales?
      • Best practices
      • Opt-in, Opt-in, Opt-in
      • How to build your subscriber database
    • The Law
      • Case studies for small business
  • Steve Robinson — 5 Keys To Email Marketing
    In this informative presentation you will to learn how you can create and deliver highly branded, professional looking emails designed to wow your customers and prospects.  Email marketing is an effective, affordable and easy to use way to enhance your organization or business image and build relationships that lead to profit, revenue and increased participation.Topics covered during this overview of email marketing include:

    • What is permission-based email marketing
    • List building
    • Tips on getting your emails opened
    • Best practices in email marketing
    • Tracking results and what to do with this information
    • And much, much more!
  • Nathan Hinch — Don’t Check Your Common Sense At The Door – Legal Considerations Of Social Media Use
    This session will discuss common legal pitfalls of social media use from both the consumer’s and the business’ perspectives, and provide recommendations for staying out of harms’ way.Issues to be addressed include:

    • privacy issues from the standpoint of legal discovery and evidence;
    • know your profession’s particular rules of conduct and company’s social media policies;
    • common sense tips to keep in mind.
  • David Murrary — How To Build Your Content Bubble
    So you know you need to create content, but where do you start? You can start with identifying and building your content bubble. This will help you understand the value of becoming a resource, and not just a news bulletin of your own messaging. This exercise will also get you thinking about not only what kind of content you should be providing, but how that content will really connect with people.Takeaways:

    • How to increase traction and readership to your content
    • How to effectively communicate with people through your content
    • How to build a solid content foundation that will continue to grow.
  • Pete Moore — Feedback Looping: Aligning Your Traditional And Social Media Strategies
    Feedback Looping: aligning your traditional and social media strategies to create an endless echo of opportunity. This session will overview:

    • Why telling a story is important for any business or organization
    • Four characteristics that cause an idea to echo on-line and off-line
    • The one-man plan: how to create a social media engine that is efficient and effective
    • Case studies of organizations emitting huge echoes
    • Simple ways to implement a feedback loop into your current strategy
  • Steve Robinson — Using Email Marketing & Social Media For Maximum Impact
    This program focuses on best practices in using email marketing and social media together to gain the maximum impact for your business. Learn to avoid the pitfalls and maximize the power of using these online tools together!
  • Jessica and Karen — Going Viral Roundtable
    Meet two woman who have met with some personal popularity on the internet thanks to posts/video going viral. You’ll definitely want to chime into the stories about their experiences! Learn more about what viral actually is.  How are marketing experts using more grass-roots campaigning and advertising to move their business or social messages forward?  Some tips will be shared on how perhaps you can become viral too!!
  • Tim Jahn — How To Use Interviews To Grow Your Blog Traffic
    Do you pour your heart and soul into your blog, but feel like your blog’s traffic isn’t as high as it could be?  Do you feel like you’ve tried all the techniques suggested by the “gurus”?  Then this session is for you.  We’ll explore how to use interviews on your blog to attract new visitors and keep them excited about coming back for more.  We’ll discuss why interviews are an effective technique and ways to successfully produce high quality interviews (the kind that get people really interested)

That’s so 2010

Social media is a tool for built for today’s business model, but only if you understand it’s capability. A presence puts your message, your brand into the hands of your customers, allowing them not only to sing praises about you and your product, but also to advise their friends about the faults of your business. A lot of power is being transferred to the consumer.

@Midwest understands this and developed a series of conference sessions to confront these issues and take your social media plans to the next level.

  • Brian Huonker – Media Relations Or Media Disasters
    What do you do when someone post a negative comment on your page. Do you delete it? Review case studies of recent media disasters and success from this last year and learn how to respond to negative criticism about your brand. Also learn how to monitor what people are saying about you in the social media and web realm with various tools.
  • Hope Foster-Reyes — Privacy And Behavioral Targeting: Find Your Audience Without Breaking The Rules (Or Stepping On Toes!)
    With social media on the rise, it’s never been easier to target advertising messages to the precise audience you seek. Learn how behavioral and demographic targeting work in the advertising tools behind Google AdWords, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Explore the audience data accessible on all four platforms, and find out what you need to know about current and future Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulation of this controversial and expanding branch of marketing.
  • Matthew Newell — No One Cares You’re On Twitter: The Anti-Climax Of Social Media
    Being in the social media space is like being in a band: just about anyone can do it, most aren’t particularly good at it yet love showing it off to the uninterested, but some become superstars. How do those companies that excel with social networking do it? This session will discuss what should come before and after your first tweet or status update. Understanding how your business’ larger marketing issues like brand identity, customer service, and communications fit into your social media strategy is essential for success.
  • Eric Osterman — The Engine Of Facebook
    While much of the time spent discussing Facebook is built around generating “Likes” this session will go into heavy detail some of the features that shape the success or failure of a Facebook Fan Page or Group.  This session will include detail on:

    • Facebook Edgerank – Best practices to get your content in the top spot in the news feed
    • Facebook Insights – How has the tool improved in the last 6 months and what data from Insights is valuable
    • Facebook Social Sharing – What is the difference between the Like, Share, and Send buttons and how has the industry determined a numerical value on shared content
    • Facebook Questions – How can we use this tool to leverage our business
    • Facebook Places & Deals – Why your company needs to skip this FourSquare nonsense and start using Deals today.
    • Places & Deals – Why your company needs to skip this FourSquare nonsense and start using Deals today.
  • Jay Krall — Assessing The Relevance Of Social Media Metrics: An Approach To Goal-Oriented Measurement
    The rise of the social Web has brought us a wealth of new indicators of which online content is “most shared”, but many communications professionals are struggling to incorporate these new data into measurement strategies that have long been designed to identify what is “most viewed”. How can we take advantage of all the signals, from retweets to Facebook Likes, that tell us what’s generating buzz? How can we use them to build our business? This presentation will leave attendees with:

    • A strong grasp of the difference between reach-centric and engagement-centric measurement
    • A concrete list of metrics that can be used to measure engagement and an understanding of how to aggregate and analyze them
    • A strategy for setting attainable benchmarks for success based on the realities of the digital environment surrounding a particular topic or industry
    • How to correlate online engagement metrics to revenue goals where possible
  • Scotty Bevill — Producing Effective Videos For Social Media
    With all the press and buzz about Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, one site often overlooked as a social networking site is YouTube. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to producing effective YouTube videos, but I will impart tips that can guide you in the right direction. We’ll discuss how to shoot professionally, editing and enhancing video, and how to hire a pro if you don’t have the skills or equipment to create video in-house and promote it without external expense.