In 2000, Nicholas Cage starred in, Gone in Sixty Seconds. A remake of a Go-Globe.comabout car thieves. The title is a reference to the speed in which professionals can make off with your ride.

Recently Go-Globe.com created a graphic illustrating what happens on the web in 60 seconds. It is a fascinating and unnerving look at the break-neck speed of information and conversation.

In just one minute 98,000 tweets, 695,000 Facebook status updates, and 168 million emails scream through cyberspace. Practically speaking–-do you have any idea what is being said about your business, your company, or you in that minute?

If you don’t have a process in place to listen, evaluate, and potentially respond to what’s being said in the echo chambers of the data cloud, it’s quite possible your good brand and reputation could end up like the 1967 Mustang Shelby GT featured in the film.

Gone in Sixty seconds.

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