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@Midwest is a Meme

Smithsonian magazine often shares commentary on information technology.  I was fascinated by a recent article Only one way to find out! …take the biosphere, call out the abstract kingdom and we then have ideas, said Parisian biologist Jacques Monod.   Ideas have spreading power or what he called “infectivity”.  Further, it was stated — ideas have power.

In 1986 Evolution Biologist Richard Dawkins declared that information, words and instruction are known as Memes. Basically a meme is an idea. Classic examples of memes include;  catchphrases like “read my lips”, the lasting impression of a melody or a tune, or the pervasiveness of an image – like mona lisa’s smile. Dawkins said Memes are complex units, distinct and memorable – they are units with staying power.    Things are not memes – a hula hoop for example, is an object of plastic not of bits. The hula hoop craze however is indeed a meme.  The thing – an actual hula hoop is a meme vehicle.  It’s amazing to think that all over the world people carry the swirl and swish of the movement known as the hula hoop in their minds.  How cool is that?

@Midwest the getting practical about social media conference was at one point an idea.  The pooling of energetic minds, resources, volunteers and collaboration has had the idea become.  We are now launching into the spread the wordphase.  This conference is happening!!  We will infect the idea using the tools of social media. Through blog posts, imagery, catch phrases like “walk the talk”, FB and Tweet blasts our marketing team will share. Those we share with will share.  The organic nature of a good idea will have more sharing.  Infectivity will occur!  Its a meme!  I am truly looking forward to this event!  What lasting memes might the day bring?   Only one way to find out!

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