Maybe If I Ignore Social Media It Will Go Away

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Maybe If I Ignore Social Media It Will Go Away

Economic Development Council of McLean CountyI know what you are thinking. “This idea that social media is meaningful to my business is preposterous. I don’t have to know anything about it, because by the time I retire or sell my company I won’t have to deal with it.” Or maybe, you are you thinking that someone younger in the company is dealing with it and again, by the time it is meaningful, they will figure it out. Or maybe, if I ignore it enough, it will go away.

Here is the bad news. You can’t ignore social media. The tools and activities it has spurred are prevalent in the marketplace, and you must and will have to do something about it. Ignoring social media is like ignoring an impending natural disaster. You see bad weather coming, or you see a flood on its way and fail to take cover or get out of harm’s way. You stand there and you let it hit you, unprepared. Who would do that?

Social media and tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter may have become mainstream and are part of communications strategies for companies worldwide. One does not have to look far to see the use of social media in major ad campaigns or company brochures. The largest most prestigious companies in our own community have social media strategies.

So when will you get with it? The EDC, the McLean County Chamber of Commerce, Heartland Community College and others have pulled together what may very well be the best social media conference in the Midwest this year. Appropriately we decided to call it “@Midwest.” This conference will feature many guest speakers and some prominent keynote speakers from our own State Farm Insurance. Three tracks will give you everything you need, whether you are a social media neophyte or consider yourself an expert.

Are you the business owner or executive that keeps “kicking the social media can down the road?” If so, this is the perfect one-day opportunity to find out how this communication strategy can work for you. Join us at “@Midwest” and find out how to get practical. You can register by going to Also check out our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages by searching for “atMidwest.”

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