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Making it Practical, Making it Real

As I look forward to my return to the @MIDWEST Social Media Conference, I am honored to have the opportunity to return and speak once again for two sessions: Connecting Event and Social Media for your Small Business and Mobile Marketing and your Small Business.

Whether a large corporation or a local company, there are questions that remain the same. After a career spent working with “big business,” I feel that small businesses are in an enviable position to try new ideas, make changes and see an immediate impact on their marketing efforts. What many companies are finding out no matter the size is that the success of any business or brand may not necessarily be impacted by the latest social media or mobile trends but by meeting your customers’ needs first and delivering a message to them in the most relevant place. As I prepare for my two sessions at this year’s @MIDWEST Social Media Conference this insight, focusing on the needs of the small business owner, will be foundation of the information I share.

Foundation questions:

  1. Who is your customer? How much are they buying and how often?
  2. What does sales success mean to you? Customer buying one more item each week? One more visit to your bank each month? A referral to your realty business?
  3. What are your competitors doing that you like? What are some of the things they are doing that you don’t like? Any ideas you can build on?
  4. What marketing tactics have you initiated? Have they yielded success?
  5. How much are you willing to invest in a new marketing idea – whether time or money?

What are some of the pressing questions that are top of mind as you look ahead to the @MIDWEST Social Media Conference? Have you thought about events to drive customers and referrals to your location? Is a mobile campaign the right path for your business? Post a question and let’s start the conversation!

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