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Is Social Media About Being Popular

I have never been popular.

That cool or pretty kid in school ? Not me.

My beat was always a tad off the beaten path. When everyone was doing something groovy – I usually ran in the other direction wanting nothing to do with it.  I’m good in a crowd, social, fun to be with – ask anyone, my laugh will help you find me.  Does that make me popular? I’m really an introvert. It takes everything I have to attend a function that involves people.

I have a confession to make.  I was introduced to social media as a tool to direct traffic to a website.  I have been blogging for 5 years and it never EVER occurred to me that social media was “social”! A phone is to call people. A cell phone vibrates in my purse.

A bit ago I went to my first tweet up. I went as I thought it was an opportunity to network my business.  I mean that’s why we do social media right ? Uh –  this event was a purely social.  I had NO idea what to do!!  You mean you don’t want my business card?  I was the only dork that handed them out.  Or at least that’s what it felt like to me.

I didn’t have a lot of friends in high school. Way less in college and when I look at my current friends – they are all new!  The people in my life now are people I want to learn from, folks that are like minded, people who ask how I am and mean it! They inspire and motivate me.  I don’t have a tribe or folks I do every single thing with.  I never have actually.  Does that make me anti – social?

If you follow someone of college age their entire social life is tweeting before your very eyes!  They all hang out together. It never occurs to me to hook up with someone across town from a tweet. I am old fashioned I guess and still want an invitation.   Could you be sure to engrave it??

I remember a celebrity author talking about friending folks on FB – she said something like oh yeah I do a speaking engagement and I have 1000 new friends. It’s awesome!!   I thought – gosh, I am not sure I want that!

Is someone with the most tweets, followers and FB friends popular? Or are they simply chatty and perhaps loud? He/she who makes the most noise wins? After all bigger is better – right?  Isn’t that the way of the world? Do your numbers reflect who you really are?

I don’t discount anyone who has built a following. I marvel at it actually.

I just hit 400 FB friends this week.  There are a very few of my FB folks that I don’t know from one circle of influence or another.  I feel a bit like pinch me when I look at the number.  I didn’t know I knew so many people! A large % of my FB friend base is new connections in a new community.  That’s kind of cool!

In the last few years FB has become used more.  To me finding friends was like collecting. Oh I just met you and I’d like to know more about you.  I love using social media that way! The ease to friend, like, share and comment on Facebook makes a introvert like me seem like a rock star.  I personally think I lucked out on the learning curve with that one!   I don’t feel any different. I just feel like me.

The actual number of friends however sortof plays with my head.  I guess it’s a positive thing.

Why do I  feel like I should become a cheerleader and go steady with the quarterback of the football team?

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