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People brag about being on the ground floor of social with blogs and a Myspace page.  I was there in the early days.  The CB Radio craze.  When connecting with your network was as easy as saying, “Breaker 1-9, anybody got their ears on?”

How do you walk the talk re: social media?

I stay current on the literature, research and discussions – participate in social myself through Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and I take every opportunity to present to internal and external groups.

What one practical tip can you recommend regarding the use of social media?

Done right, it’s babies and puppy dogs.   Done wrong, it’s a devastating train wreck.  Other than that – no pressure.

What do you think is the perfect age?

For drinking – 21, for driving – 16, For wearing spandex in public – never, and for social media – it gets younger every day.  It’s communication.  So when is the perfect age for writing a letter, sending an email, drawing a picture?

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Chicken Wings.  Onion Rings.  And a beer.

What are you really good at? Seeing the big picture.

Name one thing you will never understand.

Oprah – but now I don’t have to.

Share something on your mind lately.

In today’s open/social/digital world there are still people who think they can get away with things.  Insert name of public/political figure here:

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