I am a senior at Illinois State University majoring in Public Relations.

How do you walk the talk re: social media?

I have been actively involved with many campaigns and business efforts regarding social media. I worked with Meatheads as a Social Media Ambassador and I did everything from videos to Twitter to Facebook. Last year I ran an entire social media campaign to gain awareness of the 2010 Census around the Bloomington-Normal community. The success of that project was so great that my team and I were awarded the ISU Civic Engagement Award. My current position at IPG has also greatly added to my social media experience. I am so in love with the social media platform and I’m honored to be a part of the @midwest conference. Sharing my knowledge and learning along the way is such an exciting experience!

What one practical tip can you recommend regarding the use of social media?

Be consistent and be yourself. Especially when an individual is using a Facebook “page” and representing a company, it is so important to be consistent. It’s also important to not sound like a robot and have automatic replies. A good example of this is when the Osama Bin Ladan event happened, there were some big companies that were still pushing out automatic messages. That just made them look tacky and uninformed. Be yourself, start conversations… and you will be just fine.

What do you think is the perfect age?

MY AGE! (Well my age at the end of the month…) I will be turning 21 on June 20th. I can’t see ANY birthday in the future being better than that. Just saying…

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

I just bought a new car. I find myself dreaming about it, looking at it constantly, thinking up ways to make it even prettier. It’s pathetic, but I LOVE it!

What are you really good at?

I would say that I’m a pretty good organizer and planner. I love keeping things in order and making sure things run smoothly.

Name one thing you will never understand.

I don’t understand why all of these middle school aged children have cell phones and are constantly texting and talking on the phone. I especially don’t understand why my younger brothers all have them when my parents wouldn’t allow me to until I was in my late years of high school. Agh..

Share something on your mind lately

Well I already disclosed about my new car, and honestly that’s been on my mind a lot

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