I am a central Illinois girl at heart. I grew up in Danville, took my first travel photos

[at age 10] at Lincoln’s home in Springfield, hosted a high school radio show on WDAN, played clarinet with the Marching Illini, married a guy from Mt. Olive [that I first heard on WPGU], and named my company after two prolific storytellers who lived on a street called Chicago. It’s amazing to me that people all over the world can, and do, want to follow and connect with each other on this thing we call the Internet!

How do you walk the talk re: social media?

The twitter version: share, show up and comment – a lot – on social networks and IRL

The blog post comment version: Balancing my personal, company and client social media management systems can be challenging, in good ways. Because we have a live learning lab running in the background, we can test what’s working and where the action is going. Then, I can share that knowledge with social networks, readers, clients and audiences.

With key core values like diversity, education, family and entertainment, social media gives me lots of opportunities to mix and explore new ways to communicate while incorporating my values all along the way.

Observing how our three children, two now in college and one in high school, use social media and technology gives me a real appreciation for the future value that will be placed on digital creativity. It’s really rewarding to be a pioneering digital alien whose spaceship has finally come in. After all, my first video marketing sales training plan, for a cardio vasodilator, was transmitted via modem in 1992.

As a founding member of Social Media Club Chicago, I think of our team as social media industry ambassadors who invite people in, make them feel comfortable and introduce them to opportunities and connections. If you’re in Chicago, please join us for our “Search and Social” program on June 27 at Microsoft.

What one practical tip can you recommend regarding the use of social media?

Get out there, meet the people on the other side of the screen and attend events like AtMidwest Conference!

What do you think is the perfect age?

Hmm . . . whenever you’re happy, hopefully for at least one tiny moment every day. I like to think more about life as a series of chapters in books, rather than numbers on pages.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Going to Vegas, but not to gamble. I love people watching, meeting up at social media events, and live-tweeting from conferences like Consumer Electronics Show and BlogWorld Expo.

What are you really good at?

Cooking, which is something I don’t do enough. It comes naturally. My Hungarian grandmother was training to be a chef for a baron when she left to come to America.

Name one thing you will never understand.

How my husband has run 80 marathons!

Share something on your mind lately.

Summer Socials: we’re managing social media for Jazz Fest Glen Ellyn for the second year in a row. It’s July 9 – join us!!!

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