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Great Content Creators on Social Media

By: Kaleigh Moore of Lumen

Social media is not new to us in 2014. Many of us use it both personally and for work, and while we might be ashamed to admit it, it’s the first thing we check in the morning and the last thing we look at before going to sleep. So while it’s not a new concept—it’s still not always easy to manage. Coming up with fresh, creative content for social media on a regular basis can sometimes become overwhelming.

In my Content Creation session during @Midwest, we’ll be outlining ways to come up with new content, repackage old content, and how to better engage your audience. But today, I wanted to showcase a few examples of social media users who are doing a great job at content creation. We’ll discuss why each one works and how you could implement the strategy for your own efforts.

Let’s take a look.

  1. SonicImage Sonic milk shake

Sonic used this branded Facebook image to share information about a two for one deal. So what works for this image?

  • The image is high quality, properly sized, and simple
  • The company branding is reinforced
  • The text is easy to read and fits within Facebook’s 20% text limit for promoted posts
  • The product looks appealing
  • The text suggests a plan of action

Takeaways: It’s important to remember that while on social media, our attention spans are very short. And with limited text allowances on Facebook’s promoted posts, your picture needs to say more than words can. This content works because it could be easily shared as a way to virtually suggest to other friends “Hey, you should buy me one of these.”

  1. SnickersImage snickers tweet

Timeliness is another important aspect when creating strong, relevant content. Snickers hopped on the World Cup biting incident with this clever Tweet in June of this year. What else is working for this content?

  • A hashtag is incorporated into the image to track the conversation
  • The image is backlit, drawing the eye to the centrally located product
  • Branding is included
  • A relevant party is mentioned in the text of the Tweet
  • Two other important hashtags are included in the text of the Tweet

Takeaways: Being part of a real-time event, news story, or hot topic conversation is a way to showcase personality and a sense of humanness behind a company. When there’s only standard scheduled content—your followers see through it.

  1. SharpieImage Psy sharpie advertisement

Sharpie’s Instagram account is full of colorful, interesting creations—all brought to life with the company’s well-known markers. Why is this Psy-clone effective?

  • The image is quirky and creative, speaking to its users interests
  • It incorporates a pun with a well recognized celebrity
  • It’s simple but eye-catching

Takeaways: Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner weirdness. Showcase your product in a unique way, and people will remember.

Join me in the Content Creation session on Friday during @Midwest, and we’ll go more in depth about how you can get out of the content creation rut. You’ll walk away with content ideas and fresh ideas on how to get your audience commenting and sharing your posts.

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