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Gotta Get A Gravatar

gravatarIf you’re visiting blog sites such as this one and wish to leave a comment, it’s nice to leave an identifiable piece of yourself along with that comment.

A Gravatar lets you do just that. A Gravatar is a universally recognized avatar, and is the little image that you see next to people’s comments. If a computer generated one is left, it will look different depending on the blog. Ideally, however, a gravatar is an image of the comment author’s face, or of some other image that goes along with the person/company’s brand.

Using an image of your face is great because people will come to recognize you as you visit various sites, and will emphasize your brand and image as a whole.

Here’s how to get your very own Gravatar:

Visit The email address you use will be attached to your Gravatar, so be sure to use that same email address when commenting on someone’s blog. Otherwise your gravatar will not show up!

You will get a confirmation email, and can then set about signing back in at and going through the prompts to upload a photo (ideally from your computer) to use as your gravatar image. You’ll have the opportunity to crop the image.  All of this is very user friendly and does not require any photo editing experience!

You will also have to give your Gravatar a “rating”, similar to that of a movie rating, G, PG, R and X. Don’t worry, the folks at define each of these ratings in case one is not clear. (ahem!)

There will be a brief period of time when the Gravatar team “reviews” your photo to ensure that you have rated it properly and that it is ready for public use.

You may have more than one image uploaded to your Gravatar account (which is completely free, I might add) and can change it out any time simply by logging in.

Please feel free to comment on this post, even if you are shamefully without your Gravatar. I know you’ll be getting one soon.

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