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From Solitary to Social

As a mother of five, I can pretty much guess that any other parents out there will agree to the fact that life changes once children come on the scene.  Daily routines go down the drain, plans change, and basically, life as you knew it is gone forever!

For those of us who went from working and having a “life” outside of the home to staying home with the wee ones, life as we “knew it” becomes even more of a blur. When you’re home with a newborn, sometimes just getting out of the house that day is a major chore.

I remember those long days. They were bittersweet, as I enjoyed my new baby and was thankful for the ability to stay home, I missed my friends and co-workers, trips out to lunch, and just socializing in general. I missed having a conversation with someone who didn’t need me to make them a sandwich or to wipe their bottom.

Enter the internet – blogging – social media. Now, the face of motherhood may be seen and heard by as many who wish to tune in, and who wish to interact and to share. Moms are able to connect in all sorts of ways and on a myriad of topics, ranging from serious to informative to comical.

Moms are able to feel like they are contributing members of society again (beyond the immense contribution of raising a decent human being, which I am not snubbing) and are able to get FEEDBACK from other (**adult**) people.

This FEEDBACK is so great. It’s one thing to be able to just get it all out there – to write a post or share some photos or a great story about your day on Facebook, but it  takes things to a whole new and satisfying level when you know someone is paying attention, and they give you their input. It’s what being human is all about – connecting.

My friend Veronica Herr recently harnessed the power of Facebook, YouTube and other social media tools to reach out to friends and family regarding several video contests she and her family entered. Here’s what she had to say:

Recently, our family won two national online video contests! To win, we had to receive as many votes as possible, and we used social media to spread the word. Through many emails, Facebook messages, and Facebook wall posts, we were able to share our videos with all our family and friends. Even if they were far away and we hadn’t seen them for a long time, social media helped us to reconnect, and people took pride in being a part of something bigger than themselves.

What’s more, many people shared the link with their own family and friends, so it really spread fast. We were able to get thousands of votes for our two videos. We made a Facebook ‘event’ page where people could sign up to receive daily reminders to vote, and we got a great response that exceeded our expectations. Because of the thousands of votes we received through the internet, email, and Facebook, we were able to win a trip to Disney World for our family of five and $15,000 in cash!

~Veronica Herr

Check out her cutie-pies in their latest winning video big bananas.

Another friend, Hannah Marcotti created a beautiful website where she gets to fuel her passion, be a mom and to run a business, all from the comfort of her own home. I asked her how social media has impacted her as a mom and as an entrepreneur (she knows all about big bananas – and hers is great.)  Here’s what she said:

Social media has allowed me to bridge the gap between being a mom and running a business. My face and my voice are my business, as is being a mom. Social media allows me to connect to various groups of mothers from the stay at home to the empty nesters.

Facebook alone has allowed me to connect to moms I know and then in turn they can share me and my voice with their community. It’s wildfire. I cannot imagine running a mom business without it.

~Hannah Marcotti

Check out her website, her blog, and her banana – you know you want to!

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