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Define Your Fear

A Facebook wall post ruined my organization.

Really? Could a single post cripple your organization, your brand, and your community of support?  Is that what’s stopping your agency from embracing social media?

When broaching the subject of social media with staff, board members and business partners, you need to be very specific in addressing the fears of these constituents.  They’ve heard horror stories, and it’s your job set them straight.

The truth is, you can handle any social media fallout with the right preparation and a system in place.  How often will you review your sites? Will you be instantly notified of someone posts on your wall? What is the longest amount of time a damaging comment or photo might be up on your site?  Be sure to have a contingency plan for your community sites.

Also, there may be plenty of truth in an offending post.  It’s important to be transparent and proactive in answering honest questions and establishing your side of any story within a public space.  If you can see these worst-case scenarios as opportunities to correct thinking about your products and mission, it might not be such a nightmare.

The positives of social media far outweigh the negatives, but you need to have a plan, document your successes and failures, and always define your fear.

Pete coordinates development and communications for The Baby Fold in Normal, Illinois, blogs over Kneejerk, and tweets@PeteHelps

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