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Building Relationships

Google Anaylytics, SEO, RSS, Hootsuite…..these are all words that imply techno mumbo-jumbo.

I am not knocking the techno mumbo, but I would like to point out that people are what make the techno world go round, and realtionships between and among people are what drive a business, and ultimately life as we know it.

Blogging, YouTube, and YouTube sharing are all ways in which we are now able to reach thousands and sometimes millions of people with a few short clicks. Viva La Flora allows users to upload video and share themselves in a very personal way with virtually no cost. This is so powerful, since you really feel as though you know someone if you can see them and hear them speaking. When you trust someone, you are more likely to do business with them.

Businesses would be wise to learn what they can about marketing online, and how to properly utilize the tools available to them to do so.  They are no longer limited to the confines of their brick and mortar establishment. If they are able to think outside the box and try new strategies, they could potentially see their business grow and evolve into something not imagined before.

Here’s an example of something small and really smart a local business called Viva La Flora did just yesterday. I happen to be friends with Viva La Flora on YouTube. I never had met the owners, and merely accepted the friend request when it came along because I saw that friends of mine had already made the connection. So here, trust and the established relationship with my current friends are what allowed Viva La Flora into my world.

It was my birthday yesterday, which is visible knowledge to my friends on YouTube, and Viva La Flora contacted me to let me know that they had a complimentary flower arrangement. What a nice surprise that was! And how smart!  I stopped by later in the day and was presented with the flowers and some chocolates. The owner took a photograph and posted it onYouTube for all to see.

I’ve already told my mom about this experience, so she will be checking them out, and I certainly will consider giving them by business the next time I am in the market for some flowers.

There are so many things to learn when diving into the world of social media, from the technical aspects to the subtleties of proper etiquette when using certain social media tools.  I believe it’s crucial not to jump in too hastily. Rather, learn one tool and master it for your business before approaching the next one.  Attending our conference will give you some great starting points and advice on how to tackle these items, and you the business person can take that knowledge and use it to build meaningful and lasting relationships with your clients.

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