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Board member POV: Marty Vanags

I am writing this blog post as I am transitioning from a job I have held for almost nine years. Frankly I am surprised I stayed so long in this community and perhaps more surprised that my Board kept me. In all seriousness, I think I leave this organization I run better than I found it. It reminds me of an old adage that perhaps my father told me, but truly I can’t remember where I heard it. It applies across all parts of life, and that is, “Leave the room the way you found it.” In other words if you walk into a room, whether it’s your living room, a conference room in the office you work in, or a shared artists space, when you are done with what you were doing in there, leave it clean, picked-up, or even better than the way you found it. For the male species that means having the remote available in a place where one can find it after the spouse or kids have used the television.

@Midwest started as a coffee-klatch meeting among five or six people that were interested in learning from each other about this new-fangled thing called social media. We pulled in other people who were also interested, and this June we will celebrate our third year. There is always something to learn in the social realm, and one should never stop learning. To those who are older than I and think this is a kids game, it may be, but think of the advantage you would have in business if you adopted social media as part of your working day. I think I have learned not only from working with the group, but attending all of our activities and ultimately the conference. I have walked into the social media room and it left me a better, more informed person.

The Social Media environment or “space” as people are prone to say these days, or let’s call it a room, has been left a better place. @Midwest “walked into the room” and as it walks out each year has left it a better place. It will leave you in a better place. Participate, have fun, and leave better than when you  arrived.

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