Beyond Social

Beyond Social

Have you harnessed the power of video?

We’re all watching, liking, loving, and sharing videos. In fact, 500 years of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook, and over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute. The stats are beyond social and becoming the new norm for successful organizational marketing.

Video is a powerful medium that brings new life to your messages and credibility to your organization. It serves your target audience with information in the fastest way possible. It is the ideal method for learning and is accessible in the office, at home, and in the palm of our hands. Simply put, video works with our culture.

As much as I dig those cute kittens on YouTube, I’m sold on video based on the many stats that clearly indicate its overall positive organizational impact. We’ve put video into action, and witnessed its ability to achieve amazing goals. Video increases website traffic, increases sales, improves presentations, keeps messages consistent and makes training more efficient. Video keeps your target attention longer and outperforms any other marketing tool available.

So, if you’re thinking social, strategy and success…be sure to factor in video. Its multi-purpose value goes beyond social platform support, providing proven performance metrics that will benefit your entire organization.

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