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Best Social Media Bets

Don't bet on the wrong horse.

It’s so interesting how quickly communication tools transition from new fun platforms to essential marketing tools. One minute we’re blogging about our kids, dogs, and bosses…the next minute if we don’t have a professional blog involvement and updated entries, we’re sucking social media wind. But just how do we pick the right platforms and plans? How do we keep up with the possibilities and invest our time wisely?

Start by picking the right horse. By that I mean, you’ve got to take the time to learn about social media opportunities and how others within your industry have been successful using specific platforms and strategies. What is right for one organization many not be appropriate for another. Social media usage strategies must take into account your industry, culture, market, and resources. Rely on facts, stats, and industry case studies, not group pressure (WHAT, you’re not on Twitter???) to make organizational decisions. If you’re going to bet the farm, you’d better make sure the odds are with you.

When you’ve got your winners, remember that the track is important, but it is what’s on the track that matters. Your “organizational social media success” will be only as good as the content that you’re choosing to share. You know what I mean…you’ve read pathetic posts and tragic tweets; you’ve viewed some horrible homemade vids. If you put your donkey on the track, you’ll be associated with the animal you’ve created (What did you just call me?).

Are you ready to lay your money down? Just to be clear, social media is not free. It takes time and resources to effectively support a solid social media strategy and to create quality content. Will efforts equal a return today and tomorrow?

When it comes to successful social media strategy integration (a mouthful), your best bet is to bone up. The @Midwest Conference is a great opportunity. Don’t just listen. Ask speakers for facts, stats and examples that you can use to create a winning strategy. Talk to others at the conference and learn what they’re doing and what specific results have been achieved. Sprinters might win social media spotlights, but those with endurance will win the race.

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