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Be in the Social Media Know

Be in the Social Media KnowSocial media is great, but I want to remind companies of some potential risks that can accompany social media use. When marketing through social media, negative attention can go viral, so double-check what you put out there! Take a look at this Crisis Management Planning. It shows five different examples of social media marketing flukes and what to learn from them.

Another risk is the possibility of damaging feedback from consumers. If your company is not ready to handle this sort of confrontation, then social media usage should be reconsidered. Statistics show that 64 percent of people trust social media more if the dialogue is open to both positive and negative comments. Let’s face it; people are going to talk about brands and products. Companies and businesses cannot control that information. What social media allows organizations to do is be a part of that conversation and even guide it. But in order to do so, you need to be prepared. Develop a crisis management plan that your company will follow during these periods. Here is a GREAT article on steps to manage social media channels in crisis: Twitter Rules & Regulations

Many companies do not realize that social media use comes with regulations. This should be carefully analyzed before any kind of social media marketing campaign is put into place. Twitter prohibits the use of the site to disseminate mass unsolicited messages. This means that “spamming” is not allowed. In order to follow these guidelines, an organization needs to know the specific rules. To see a complete set of Twitter rules and regulations go to this link: Facebook Rules & Regulations. Facebook promotion rules are always changing. Currently, rules indicate that a company can publicize a promotion on Facebook, but it cannot administer a promotion without Facebook’s permission. This means that promoting, advertising, or referencing a promotion via Facebook is fine, but operating any element of the promotion through Facebook needs written consent. In order to get Facebook’s permission, a company must contact Facebook at least seven days before the start of a promotion. For a complete set of Facebook rules, go to this link: our conference.

Don’t let this scare you from bringing your brand into the social media world. Just prepare yourself and stay in the know and you’ll be fine! And if you need any extra tips and hints, it wouldn’t hurt to come to our conference this summer

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