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Are you on Pinterest?

You know just how much Pinterest can help drive traffic to your business, right?

Yesterday, I tried to explain Pinterest to an entrepreneur I know and the entire time his eyes were glazed over. He registered nothing. I’d had a similar experience: when someone first explained Pinterest to me, I had RES (Rolling Eye Syndrome) and I believe that I fell asleep standing up.

If you’re on Pinterest, you get it. Pinning pictures to boards of your own creation is all the rage. It’s addictive. But you have to see it to get it. By pulling together stunning pictures from the Internet and grouping them into your own online bulletin boards, you can show off your brilliance, taste and personal style all in a few clicks. It’s a social media site, so you’re not going it alone. Anyone can follow you, or your boards, or both. If they see something of yours that they like, they can re-pin it to their boards, which extends the reach of your original pin to all of their followers.  And so on. Endlessly.

What does this have to do with your business?

Pinterest can send a lot of traffic to your company’s website. This past February, Pinterest drove more referral traffic to businesses than Twitter did. So how did I take advantage of this site long ago for my business?

I didn’t. Until last week.

After lingering on the site for a bit, I started to understand that pinning pretty pictures was fun. I created several boards for myself (like “Rockstar” and “Clever Heather”) to collect neat photos that inspired me to do things like get a punk rock haircut. Or to rearrange my office.

But it wasn’t until I spoke to social media guru Mana Ionescu over at Lightspan Digital that I really got it. She recommended that I create a whole pile of boards for my business,The Founding Moms. Since we’re a collective of mom entrepreneurs who meet up monthly in 30+ cities around the world, she knew that it would be a good idea to create boards for mom entrepreneurs everywhere. We could compile the best articles out there for women in business. Perhaps we could create a board full of sweets and treats that mom entrepreneurs like to eat. The most shared since its creation? The Founding Moms’ Workspace Ideas. It’s been shared like crazy and has 150+ followers already.

If you add the URL of your business to the description of the board your company creates, each time someone re-pins a picture you’ve pinned, that URL is going places. Really going places. And each new person who finds the pic and loves it may very well click on your business URL and see what your business is all about.  And not only that!  You can add members of your biz — be it customers, clients, partners or members — and have them pin to those boards, too. I added a wonderful member to our board called Founding Moms Need Treats, Too, and she really turned it into a masterpiece. If you Google “Founding Moms Pinterest” it shows up as the 4th URL listed.

Still not convinced?  I dare you to click here and find something that you love. Pin it. Do that three times and you very well may be eating all of your meals at your computer for the next 48 hours.

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