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@Midwest grew out of a series of meetings between various professionals in the Bloomington-Normal area to discuss the best practices of social media marketing.

It quickly became apparent that there was a need to learn more about practical, results-driven business applications of social media in a broader sense. From that realization Marty Vanags, Erik Anderson, Mark DeKeersgieter, and Scott Arnold engaged with Brian Huonker, who aiding in builing the social media program at Illinois State, and started forming the vision of @Midwest as a one-day forum to put experts in a room with a professional audience that was hungry for more than just high level talk about social media marketing.

Today, @Midwest is held in partnership with the School of Communication at Illinois State University and offers realistic tools and practical skills for businesses presented through a Midwest social media conference. The goal of @Midwest is for all attendees to gain real world, practical knowledge of how to utilize social media in achieving their professional goals.

2013 Conference

2011 Conference

Radio spot from the 2014 Conference.

Radio spot from the 2012 Conference.

At Midwest, Getting Practical With Social Media

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