5 Social Media resolutions for the new year

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5 Social Media resolutions for the new year

By Steven Barcus

New year’s resolutions are generally not unique, nor do they even need to wait for the new year. Eating healthy, exercising more, reading, cleaning out clutter, spending more time with family and friends—we already know we should do these things in our normal lives. The same can be said for social media. The following are five resolutions for you to make that will bring your social media properties to the next level or just keep them shining bright. But don’t look for any surprises on this list…each of these are things you already know you should be doing!

  1. Develop a plan
    It is easy to think that posts will just be done on the fly, but when it comes down to execution—planning it out is the only way to ensure it will happen. Plan your next week of posts before the week even begins. Or better yet, plan the next two weeks. An Excel doc is an easy way to create a grid, write the posts, and coordinate them across all of your social media channels. You could go one step further and do this over Hootsuite if you aren’t already. Then you will just need to monitor your feedback.
  2. Be consistent
    Social media professionals know that content is king, but how good are you at making sure you are posting regularly? When you schedule your posts, aim for a regular number of posts each week. Don’t be afraid to use a combination of content you’ve written and content written by other experts in your field. It is a sure way to keep your audience engaged and assert your place as an authority.
  3. Share the load
    It may not take a long time to actually make a post, or even to write the posts, but planning content can be a big task. Share the work. Bring in key people in your business or organization who are familiar with areas you are not. Confirm information you know and learn what you don’t know. You might just find that a group conversation over coffee once a week can yield new and interesting content.
  4. Do something new
    Social media isn’t just Facebook. Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn, blogging sites, Instagram, MySpace (yes, MySpace is still relevant in some markets), and other sites can provide valuable chances to post unique content or promote across platforms. Keep in mind social media sites each have a niche you can exploit to do something to invigorate your social media strategy. Create a photo blog on Instagram, make a Pinterest board to show project progress, get people talking about you on Reddit…there are a lot of things you could be doing that you aren’t. Why not pick just one and see what happens?
  5. Don’t neglect your blog
    Blogs are great for sharing information that cannot be summed up in limited character space. Moreover, they are key to attracting new clientele to your website. Plan posts regularly and incorporate them into your overall social media plan. There is no need to write every post yourself, invite guest writers to create the entries. This will help you keep a fresh voice and fresh perspective. You are the keeper of valuable information. Share it!

Happy New Year from @Midwest! Watch our blog for more discussions of social media tips, trends, and issues.

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