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250 Words or Less, Why I Blog

Two Hundred Fifty Word Challenge:  why I blog in 250 words or less

Many would agree that the need to be heard can be very strong.  Some thrive on being heard more than others. I am one of those.  Add my curious, sharing and passionate self and my remarkable enthusiasm for oh…everything, and one will find that I am someone who cannot be contained.  I often must say.  While I knew this about myself to some degree, I didn’t realize at what level having voice defined my very core.  Creative expression either in written form, in photography or my being effusive, meaningway more verbally demonstrative than some often care for.  Blogging has me expressed! I love to blog for many reasons, but mostly I blog because I can be me.  We are all continuing to become.  Would you agree?  I know I am. The blog world is forgiving.  It’s a very generous place and the truth is it isn’t particularly selective. It has infinite room for all of us! We get to choose who we read, like, follow, friend and comment with. The vastness of this has me in awe. The impact and reach my blog has continues to humble me. Each and every day a person, email or commenter tells me something I’ve shared, written or photographed made a difference for them.  This is why I blog.

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